Five Features of Good Grant Management Software

grant management softwareThe grant process can be slow, frustrating, and time consuming. Numerous documents must be collected, background information sorted, proposals written and all submitted on time or your request is denied before it’s even left your desk. What’s a nonprofit manager to do?

Grant management software can help you stay organized and on track with your grant applications. If your nonprofit relies heavily upon grants for its funding, such software can be a lifesaver.

Five Grant Management Software Features to Look For

Grant management software includes many products to help you track grant status and manage the workflow. The following five tips will help you select the best grant management software for your needs.

When evaluating grant management software, look for:

  1. Outcomes measurement: It helps to know your batting average as you apply for grants. Measuring goals and outcomes can help you become more effective at your work. When you know how well you’re meeting goals and objectives, you know where you need to make up the shortfalls or celebrate successes.
  2. Document management: This is a biggie. Grants take a lot of documentation. Some documents can be used multiple times for different foundations and applications. But they can be hard to organize and sort. Some grant management software is better at helping you organize documents than others.
  3. Customizable reports: Reports are only useful when they provide you with the information that you need to make decisions or set objectives. No two nonprofits are the same. Having a customizable report feature ensures that when you run reports, you get exactly the kind of information that you need.
  4. Grant application tracking: This useful feature tracks your grant from the start date to the due date and beyond. Reminders, shared tasks, milestones and more all help keep you on task.
  5. Collaboration: Grants are rarely the output of one person. Most require the collaboration of multiple people within an organization, each contributing their knowledge and insights into specific portions of a grant application. Software that facilitates collaboration makes it easier for teams to work on grants without emailing files to one another. By storing all document drafts in one place, and making documents easily accessible to the entire team, you can each add to the application, share your parts, and refer to the same documentation easily.

Integration into Accounting and Other Software

In addition to hosting your grant process, grant tracking software should also integrate smoothly with your accounting and CRM systems. As grant funds are awarded, an integrated system can update throughout, helping to provide real time data to your finance team. Information from your CRM system may be needed for the grant application. It’s all one big pool of information that when shared, makes the grant process better for all.

Grant Management Software

AccuFund Grants Management gives the user one place to look for all grant information, including financial data, funder reports, demographic data, notes, and historical information. Grants Management makes tracking your grant information easy and accessible for all users. The module is tightly integrated as part of the AccuFund Accounting Suite, with all data readily available, so you do not have to go looking in multiple locations to get the full picture of the status of a grant. The financial view can be defined for each grant so each user sees the data summarized to the fields and level required

The AccuFund Grants Management module builds from the organization table and has all of the features available there, including multiple addresses, telephone numbers, contacts and notes. Added to that functionality is a special tab of grant related information such as grant numbers, application status, purpose of the grant and scheduled activities. All of theses screens can track a history of changes and can have multiple entries such as a record of each grant report submission.


For more information on AccuFund Grants Management, please contact RBP Methods. We offer AccuFund Grants Management software and many other software solutions to help nonprofits thrive. From nonprofit accounting software to grant management software, RBP offers solutions for our nonprofit partners. Contact RBP at 503-648-9051 today.