Summer Is Here and the Living Is Easy! – Even if You are in Nonprofit Accounting!

Abila MIP Fund Accounting Make Your Non-Profit HR Tasks Easier with Abila MIP Fund Accounting™: HR Management Suite

Summer conjures images of lazy days spent lounging by the pool, the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd at the stadium, the sound of children’s laughter as they dance through rainbow cascades from lawn sprinklers. It’s a time for rest and relaxation.

So why are you working late?

If you’re an HR professional, you know the toll that paperwork can take on your day. Sure, you want to work on the new employee manual or spend time networking and recruiting for the nonprofit accounting leader. Instead, you’re at your desk slogging through mountains of paperwork while your children play baseball and lick ice cream cones and you miss half the fun of summertime.

Relax. We’ve got you covered. With Abila’s MIP Fund Accounting™: HR Management Suite, you can scale that mountain of paperwork in no time, and enjoy your summer once again.

Three HR Tasks Made Easier

Human resources professionals often cite three specific types of tasks that take up the majority of their time.

These tasks include:

  1. HR Management: Within HR management comes the majority of tasks including time and leave management, recruiting and onboarding, and many other tasks associated with managing the employees within an organization.
  2. Benefits Administration: Enrolling employees in benefits plans, maintaining records and more.
  3. Payroll: Deductions, paperwork, tax forms and more can take up valuable time.

 Although some of these tasks require your personal touch, many can be automated. When processes are automated, much of the burdensome paperwork is eliminated. You may just have time for an ice cream cone after all.

Automation Offers Many Benefits

All joking aside, automation offers many benefits. In addition to eliminating burdensome paperwork, you’ll also reduce clerical errors. The fewer times you have to enter data into your systems, the less chance there are to make mistakes.

Automation also reduces compliance errors. With so many forms to complete each payroll cycle, as well as various forms to have on file for your employees, errors can occur. Compliance errors can be costly. With automation, many potential compliance errors are reduced or eliminated.

An automated online system not only streamlines processes for the HR department, it also makes things easier for employees using the system. Employees can now access data about their benefits online without having to wait for a response from their HR manager. All data is in one place, easily accessible by many.

Abila MIP Fund Accounting™: HR Management Suite

The Abila MIP Fund Accounting™: HR Management Suite offers several modules and tools to make your life easier and transform how your office handles employment paperwork. Gone are the redundant forms and data entry. Instead, enter the information once and store it where you need it.

The Abila MIP Fund Accounting™: HR Management Suite offers HR management functions as well as payroll, benefits administration, and employee web services in one convenient location. Payroll processes are automated, as are many benefits-related tasks. Employees can use a web interface to access various forms, their W-2s and more.

Tax forms, records and other data are all kept in the system. These can be printed as necessary, saving you time and effort. Employees, for example, can print their own W-2 forms if they need additional copies.

Abila MIP Fund Accounting enables non- profit organizations to manage complex financial systems easily and efficiently. Combined with the HR Management Suite, it offers a powerful package that saves your company time and endless headaches.

Unless it’s an ice cream headache. We can’t save you from that if you overindulge with all the free time you now have.

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