Grant Management Software Makes It Easier to Manage Workflows

grant management software

Applying for grants can be time-consuming. The detailed work involved such as gathering biographies, histories, and financial information on your organization, as well as providing detailed plans on how your organization intends to use grant funds, can take hours upon hours to gather. Then you have to document it, store it, and write it up into a grant application that will get positive attention and win you the grant.

Then you have to come into work and do it all over again next week.

If your organization relies upon grant money for funding, then you know the challenges. It’s helpful to think about the grant application process like a pipeline. You fill the pipeline from one end, adding inputs like applications. On the other end comes grant awards. A healthy organization has materials at every stage of the grant application pipeline at all times so that there’s a steady drip of grant money at the other end of the pipe.

How Grant Management Software Improves Productivity and Efficiency

Even the most organized among us can benefit from tools that increase productivity and enhance efficiency. Grant management software does both.

When you use grant management software, you can apply for grants more easily. You can see at a glance which applications are new, which need to be applied for again, and which need immediate attention. You can also manage multiple grant applications at once, which greatly enhances productivity.

Another feature of grant management software is the ability to track grant applications at every stage of the pipeline. In order to achieve that steady drip of funds at the end of the pipeline, the pipeline has to be full at every stage. You can’t pack it full of applications but fail to manage it successfully to the end. Grant management software lets you look at the whole process, from start to finish, so you can see where your time can be best spent.

Forecast Funds with Greater Accuracy

Another benefit of grant management software is the ability to more accurately forecast funds. With grant management software in place, you can see the potential amount of funds as well as actual funds that have been awarded. It’s easy to quickly see how much money is coming into the organization from grants so that budgets can be forecasted with better accuracy.

Grant System Made Easier

We can’t take all the tasks out of the grant application system, but we can make it easier by helping you find the right software solution for your needs. RBP Methods understands the entire grant management process because we’ve worked at nonprofit organizations ourselves. We know your struggles because we’ve lived them, and we can help you find the solutions that meet your needs.

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