Fundraising Software Success: New Report Shows Where to Focus Efforts

fundraising softwareWhen you’re looking to deploy fundraising software, knowing where to concentrate your efforts is important. The 2016 Giving USA report is out, and nonprofits are taking notice. Giving is an annual periodical that examines the trends among donors to various causes and charities. It provides a window into the mindset of the American philanthropist, from the major donors to the average family who donates a few times a year.

Nonprofits can learn a lot from the 2016 Giving USA report. Among the findings indicated in the report are the following:

• Both foundations and individuals continue to be the driving force behind fundraising, giving the most to all types of organizations.
• Foundations gave close to $59 million in charitable donations in the past year.
• Individuals still gave the most to charities, with over $265 billion in donations. That’s the biggest slice of the donation pie, accounting for 71 percent of all donations.

From these findings, some recommendations can be made:

• It’s a smart move to concentrate your fundraising efforts on both the individual donors and on courting foundations.
• Individual contributions are still vitally important for fundraising activities. Anything you can do to enhance your individual fundraising efforts should be done, with an emphasis on encouraging repeat donors.
• Your second-best opportunity to raise funds is from foundations. Foundations give a good amount of money to charities. It’s likely they will continue to do so over time, so you may wish to concentrate more fundraising efforts on finding and networking with foundations, as well as applying for funding.
• Tracking donations, monitoring marketing activities and their success rate, and following grant applications through the pipeline are all important steps to take to ensure that your fundraising efforts aren’t in vain.

Individual Campaigns Remain the Most Useful

If you have to choose from among all of your nonprofit’s fundraising activities, put the most time and effort into campaigns that reach individual donors.

Individuals are still at the heart of the American fundraising scene. It’s the charitable, generous nature of the general public that runs the nonprofit world. Every little bit helps, and people are as generous as they can be.

When you run campaigns to individual donors, remember to thank them for their past donations. Ask them to share information about your nonprofit’s mission with their friends. Make digital campaigns, such as those on social media, easy to share so that they can go viral and spread the mission far and wide. Donation campaigns are also about raising awareness for your organization’s mission so that others can support it, too.

Fundraising Software: Grant Management and Donor Relationships

Online fundraising continues to be an important tool for any nonprofit. Individual donors expect to be able to donate to their favorite charities online just as they expect to be able to shop online from their favorite companies. Specific campaigns must be managed to assess what worked well and what can be improved.

These tasks can be accomplished through tools such as Abila Fundraising Online, Abila Elevate and others that can help you manage individual donations effectively.

To manage grant applications and donations from foundations, Abila Grant Management helps you view and utilize the grant application pipeline effectively. Never miss another opportunity to apply for or follow up on a grant with Abila Grant Management.

RBP Methods: Fundraising Efficiency through Software

RBP Methods offers a wide range of services to nonprofit organizations that make monitoring and using fundraising data easier. From grant pipelines to individual donor campaigns, RBP Methods offers software that makes fundraising easier, faster, and smoother for all types of nonprofit organizations. To learn more, contact us at 503-648-9051.

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