Telecommuting for Nonprofits with New Accounting Software

accounting software for nonprofits New accounting software for nonprofits has capabilities which can make mobile access and telecommuting easier, benefiting the whole company.

Telecommuting may not seem like it offers many advantages for your organization, but research shows that people who are allowed to work from home are more productive and happier. BizTech magazine reports that telecommuting employees work 20 percent more than on-site employees. They typically put in more than a 40-hour workweek, as well. It’s clear that telecommuting can boost productivity.

About 45 percent of nonprofits nationwide offer some type of flex-time policy, and telecommuting is often part of that package. With so many advances in mobile and cloud technology, nonprofits can easily offer telecommuting options.

There are several mobile technology considerations you need to keep in mind when launching a telecommuting policy. Newer technologies are cloud-based, meaning they run from servers that are accessed over the internet. This makes it possible for people anywhere to use the same software and access materials from shared servers so that your telecommuting employees can work from the same materials as people who are actually in the physical office.

It’s important to think through the ramifications of a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) policy, too. Many nonprofits allow employees to use their own smartphones, laptops, and other hardware to access organization-wide materials. Think about both data security and potential problems from using such devices. Virus protection, malware protection, and other security measures should be in place to prevent an employee’s device from infecting others. You’ll also need a good policy in place to protect confidential data, such as donor addresses and credit card information, that may be accessible via cloud computing.

Happier Employees Thanks to Telecommuting

Happy employees are satisfied employees, and people who can telecommute tend to be happier than their office-based peers. When employees are happy and satisfied at work, they stay in their jobs longer, which lowers the cost of retention, recruitment, and training.

TinyPulse, an employment survey startup, looked at 509 full-time remote employees as well as data from over 200,000 other employees to create a portrait of the happiness and satisfaction of remote workers.

Across the board, telecommuting employees ranked their happiness higher than their counterparts. The only drawback for telecommuting employees was the lack of connection and interaction they’d get from working in an office. It seems that even though coworkers can be annoying, the social interactions and benefits outweigh the annoyances.

The Future of the Mobile Workforce Is Now

Mobile workforces will soon be the norm at most organizations. By 2018, it is projected that more than 2.5 million nonprofits will have mobile workforce management solutions. This is a 21 percent increase over today’s numbers. Consider implementing the following steps to ensure that telecommuting policies keep the work flowing smoothly:

• Write up policies to guide staff on how telecommuting may be used. Include specific policies on use of company data, use of personal equipment to access company data, and any security steps that should be followed.
• Implement cloud-based software solutions, which offer an inexpensive and easy upgrade that works well with telecommuting policies.
• Protect sensitive data, and work with your IT department to ensure that both your data and your clients’ data remains safe. Ask them to review virus and malware protection and to increase it if necessary.

Just a few years ago, it was the norm for people to work almost exclusively from an office shared with coworkers. Only the lucky few could telecommute. Now, telecommuting is becoming the norm. Consider making your employees happier and more productive by making the switch to telecommuting.

RBP Methods Offers Mobile Solutions for Nonprofits

RBP Methods helps nonprofit organizations navigate the complex world of nonprofit accounting software. With years of experience and a passion for the world of nonprofits, we help right-brained people navigate a left-brained world.

We’re pleased to share the good news that, later this summer, RBP Methods will offer AccuFund version 5, a product that comes with Soft Clock capability. It’s accounting software for nonprofits that makes telecommuting and mobile use easy.

Learn more about AccuFund and RBP Methods on our website or contact us at 503-648-9051.