Nonprofit Accounting Software Helps Fundraising and Finance Work Together

The Challenges of Working Together


Accounting software for nonprofits can help two different departments communicate better. Fundraising and finance sometimes feel like they’re on opposite sides of the court, staring each other down over a volleyball net. Although it can feel like you’re on opposing teams, you’re both working towards a common goal. The more you understand about one another’s roles in the organization, the easier it is to work together.

Walk in the Other Department’s Shoes

There’s an old saying that you don’t know what it’s like to be someone else unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. When it comes to fundraising and finance, there are things that each department wished the other knew about their work and concerns.

Fundraising wishes that finance could…

  • Understand the challenges and process of fundraising;
  • Accept that you have to spend money to make money (or get donations);
  • Help us maintain good donor relations;
  • Offer us some flexibility – things aren’t always black and white in our world.
  • Respect that fundraising isn’t easy.

And finance wishes that the fundraising team could…

  • Understand the fact that finance’s job is complex and time-consuming;
  • Accept help from experts in finance.
  • Help us do our jobs better by providing us with information we need.
  • Offer to sit with us to learn some basic accounting practices.
  • Respect deadlines.

It’s often easier to come to consensus when you understand and respect one another’s positions in a situation. Knowing what the other ‘team’ wants can help you step closer to a compromise, and to support each other’s vital roles in an organization. One way to share information is through accounting software for nonprofits, which can help both teams step closer to one another through shared information.

Different Departments, Similar Challenges

Although finance and fundraising reflect different departments with varying needs, both seem to experience similar challenges when it comes to data and information. Ways in which both departments can help each other overcome their shared challenges include:

  • Collaborate on budgets and tracking
  • Improve reports and reconciliation of financial information
  • Jointly plan and set goals
  • Establish frequent, timely communications
  • Identify ideal processes and procedures
  • Integrate fundraising and accounting software

One tool that can help both departments communicate, collaborate, and plan together is accounting software for nonprofits. Various software packages including Abila MIP, AccuFund CRM and others can work independently or together to provide data sharing among teams, timely updates and more. Cloud-based solutions enhance communications because they can be accessed anywhere there’s a web connection. It makes it easier for fundraisers who travel to visit important donors to update their accounts, for example, which in turn provides information to finance to help them do their jobs better.

While the right accounting software for nonprofits can’t solve all internal scuffles, it can help fundraising and finance join hands across the net and play for a winning nonprofit. It’s an important step in the right direction.

Abila Fundraising Software

Abila Fundraising Online makes accounting for nonprofits easier. Fundraising can track their donations, efforts towards achieving goals and more. It’s a great tool to add transparency and accountability to your fundraising efforts and to enhance communications across the organization.

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