Fundraising Software and Marketing: Three Developments that May Change Your Fundraising Strategy

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Fundraising software to track, manage and integrate campaigns across various platforms can help you become more proficient at fundraising. Within many fundraising software program lies the ability to integrate campaigns with social media. Social media has become a critical aspect of nonprofit marketing. With more than 1 billion people active on Facebook, 313 million active users on Twitter, and 500 million users on Instagram, these three platforms are unsurpassed in their ability to reach millions of people at a very low cost. Understanding the changes on each platform and using them to benefit your nonprofit can go a long way to help you reach your fundraising, marketing, and donation goals.

Facebook: Improved Demographic Targeting

Facebook has always offered robust targeting features for its advertising platform, perhaps some of the best in the industry. It collects extensive demographics on its users, enhanced by information on what they are clicking, liking and sharing. Now, Facebook helps its advertisers by providing these demographics for better positioning and targeting of your advertisements on the site.

The new feature allows precision targeting based on past actions. You can show ads only to customers who have demonstrated interest in similar news stories in the past. By linking customer interest to ads, you increase your opportunities for click-throughs and responses.

Nonprofits can use this feature to target potential donors for fundraising campaigns. By aligning interests to donor appeals, you increase potential response rates.

Twitter: Removing Photos and Links from Its 140-character Limit

Some people love Twitter, others hate it. The 140-character limit appeals to time-pressed people who just want a fast way to stay up to date on their favorite stories, news or friends’ stories. Now, however, Twitter is lightening up its restrictions somewhat and discounting the character limit in any links as well as photos. This means slightly more room to share messages without truncating so much that the information gets lost.

Nonprofits can use this feature when sharing quick updates with constituents. Since you have more room to add text, you can explain a bit more about what you are sharing and add plenty of links back to your content without fear of Twitter chopping them off before sharing the whole message. Pictures are useful on Twitter, and stand out! So, pictures of your work, events, or recipients of donation appeals are a good way to boost your responses.

Instagram Allows Longer Videos

Instagram, the photo and video sharing social site, offers a popular visual-based platform. Once you develop a strong following on Instagram, you can develop great content that enables you to connect with supporters of your organization in new and engaging ways.

Instagram used to limit their video posts to 15 seconds or less, which didn’t give a lot of time to get your message across. Now, however, the company allows 60 second spots. This provides you with much more time to tell a story that tugs at the emotions of your audience.

Nonprofits who use video to share their messages should consider how to leverage Instagram’s 500+ million monthly users through video. Video is a great medium for connecting emotionally over causes that are important to your nonprofit’s mission. Showcase your work, tell stories about beneficiaries of your work, and use videos and photos to highlight the good that you do. With longer videos, it’s easier to tell a more compelling story.

RBP Methods Offers Fundraising Software and More

Fundraising software can help you manage the entire fundraising process from start to finish efficiently and effectively. Whether you’re courting donors through videos on Instagram, tweeting quick messages, or leveraging your Facebook platform with paid advertising, fundraising software can help you consolidate and coordinate your efforts.

RBP Methods offers several Abila fundraising packages, each with different strengths to benefit your organization. From Abila Elevate to Abila Fundraising Online, we have a platform for your needs. Please contact us today at 503-648-9051 for more information.

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