Campaigns Succeed with the Right Leadership and Fundraising Software



While everyone wanted to be the class president in high school, many of us lose the desire to be the person others look to for leadership as we get older.  We tend to get tired of the spotlight. The right leadership can make or break an organization.  Getting the right people in place to lead can create a great environment for growth.  Finding a leader who knows when to step up and when to move back and let others lead allows more cooperation and more successful campaigns.  By finding great leaders and giving them a great fundraising software package you are more likely to run a successful campaign.

During a session called, “The fundamentals of a Successful Campaign and why Leadership Trumps All,” the presenters shared some of their experiences and advice for creating a successful campaign with strong leadership.

They shared these five tips:

  1. Telling stories and building relationships is the most basic level of development for membership professionals.
  2. Finding strong and committed volunteer leaders can be the backbone of a successful campaign.
  3. Stating your case for support. You can do this by telling your story.  Identify your mission, needs, goals and funding opportunities along with letting volunteers know the benefits of becoming involved.
  4. Make contributing to your organization a priority for donors. Cultivating your constituency through mass communication and personal contacts creates a strong relationship with your donors. You can have a great case for support, but without consistent communication, people won’t know about it.
  5. Plan to spend about 10% of your goal on capacity and implementation. By getting the right people on board and investing in high-quality material you will increase your revenue in the long run.

* Matt Brown, senior consultant, Schultz & Williams, Ed Zakreski, managing director, Roundhouse Theatre, and Caroline Cunningham, founding president, The Trust for the National Mall

You have seen some great tips on developing strong leadership to grow your campaign.  By adding nonprofit software, you will be giving your leaders the tools to really go the extra mile. Online fundraising is an important tool for any nonprofit. Individual donors expect to be able to donate to their favorite charities online just as they expect to be able to shop online from their favorite stores. Managing specific campaigns to assess what worked well and what can be improved is another important task. These tasks can be accomplished through tools such as Abila Fundraising Online, Abila Elevate and others that can help you manage individual donations effectively.

RBP Methods: Fundraising Efficiency through Software

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