Use that Fundraising Software! Tips to Exceed Fundraising Goals


fundraising softwareWouldn’t it be fantastic to sit down at your fundraising software, launch a campaign, and completely blow expectations out of the water? We’ve put together these tried and true tips to help you exceed your fundraising goals this year. So get ready, get set, and let’s go into a world where fundraising software supports your organization in so many ways you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

Fundraising Software to the Rescue: Tips to Hit Your Target

Get the crowds in, the support strong, and the donations flowing with these tips to hit your fundraising targets. Fundraising software connecting to a CRM (customer relationship management system) can help you use technology to focus on specific donors or groups of donors to improve results.

As you send out your messages and plan your fundraising campaigns, keep these tips in mind.

  1. Be specific: Targeting specific donors can help you achieve your fundraising goals faster. If you can segment your data, or separate it into categories, using your fundraising software to send specific and actionable messages to individuals or groups can help you raise more money. That’s because specific messages, rather than blanket appeals, offer a personal touch, and people like to feel that the money they give towards a charitable cause is personally appreciated.
  2. Test: Before rolling out a major fundraising campaign message, try testing the subject line of the email, the color choices on the design or other variables against a control piece that you know works well. Testing is a methodology borrowed from the world of direct and internet marketing that can help you boost the results of your fundraising efforts. Learn as you go with what works and what doesn’t so that you can continually improve.
  3. Engage with donors: Engagement through social media and other interactions builds rapport. People like to feel that they know the groups with whom they do business including nonprofits. Spend time getting to know your constituents.
  4. Say thank you early and often: Everyone likes to hear ‘thank you’. Your donors and supporters especially need to be thanked for their support. Use your fundraising software to send general keep in touch messages and campaigns that aren’t necessarily asking for money but are simply gracious thank-you messages.
  5. Review past data: Review the past results of your fundraising campaigns and learn what worked. You can also learn a lot from what didn’t work, too. Don’t shy away from failures. Sometimes they are our best teachers.

Hosting an Event? Do It Right

Hosting an event to raise funds calls for a slightly different approach, although the general concept remains the same. Contact people early and often to invite them to reserve tickets for a special event. Create excitement and enthusiasm by updating attendees on the development of the event, such as news from your guest speakers or others. Don’t forget to mingle with your guests at the end, and connect with them afterwards via social media, newsletters and more.

Learn More from the Fundraising Software Experts

Fundraising software offers many avenues to explore. If you’re seeking a new fundraising software package or you need to upgrade your existing one, contact RBP Methods.

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