Improve Productivity with a New Discovery Process

Abila MIPProcess Improvements and Software Like Abila MIP Can Enhance Productivity

Looking to improve productivity at your nonprofit? Software such as Abila MIP can enhance your productivity by providing many time-saving features. Both online and offline, saving time helps improve productivity throughout your organization. One way to save time and improve productivity is to apply a new discovery process to your team’s fact-finding missions.

Great Idea, But Does It Support the Mission?

It’s important to encourage team members to share ideas in the workplace. These ideas often generate new ways of thinking about issues, communicating with constituents, or advocating for members. But some ideas are easier to implement than others and support the organization’s mission. The key is to encourage team members to share ideas that support the mission. By doing so, you save time and enhance meeting productivity.

So how do you sort through ideas without crushing people’s creativity? It’s hard to say no to people, but if you can get them to recognize when their own ideas do not support the organization’s mission you can save a great deal of time at meetings. The following process can be applied to meetings to help good ideas bubble to the top and keep idea-generating sessions focused on productive, useful concepts.

  • Discovery: During the discovery phase, get people to articulate the idea. Write it down on paper. Often it helps to write it onto a big sheet of paper and tape it to the wall. Post the mission statement too and compare them. Does the idea support the mission?
  • Mapping: How does the idea support the mission or the organization’s goals? How does it serve constituents? Set an agreed-upon rubric such as, “all new projects must support our goals in at least three ways.” If the idea doesn’t pass that test, it cannot move forward.
  • Business case: Next, build the business case. Assess the costs versus the benefits, the number of constituents served, the staff resources needed to complete the project, and other requirements.
  • Review: The last step is to review the business case. Weigh the costs versus the benefits. Ideas can then be placed into three categories: Go, Hold, or Stop. Go means it can proceed immediately. Hold means it’s a good idea but cannot move forward right away. Stop means that it’s just not feasible to proceed.

Use Abila MIP Fund Accounting

You can use Abila MIP Fund Accounting to weigh the costs and funds available to support the project. Reports and data from Abila MIP Fund Accounting can provide supporting details to enhance your business case and provide a strong basis for the decision-making process that occurs during review

It’s Not Personal

One added benefit of this process is that it removes personal feelings from the project discovery and evaluation phases. We all think our own ideas are brilliant and often invest some sense of personal identity in our work. It can be difficult for others to say “no” to an idea; they may be afraid it will hurt our feelings. By moving such an evaluation from a discussion of whether someone “likes” an idea, or not, into how closely it aligns with the mission and how feasible it is from a business perspective, nonprofit organizations can use a logical, impersonal method to judge the potential of ideas and future projects.

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