How Nonprofit Accounting Software Helps You Overcome the Challenges of Grant Management


nonprofit accounting softwareNonprofit accounting software offers more than tracking debits and credits. It can also help you streamline the grant management process.

With so many granting organizations halting, slowing, or discontinuing their funding process, nonprofits are feeling the financial squeeze. Being organized around your entire grant management process is no longer a task you can put off for tomorrow. If you don’t focus, organize, and prioritize around grant management, you may find your organization running short of funds.

Let’s take a look at the many challenges facing nonprofits today around the topic of grant management and how nonprofit accounting software can help.

Grant Management Warning Signs

There are several warning signs that your grant management process could use a tune-up. For example:

  1. Do you scramble at the last minute to fill out grant applications? If you’re always chasing rather than leading ahead of deadlines you may find yourself making costly mistakes on the grant application forms that are keeping you from winning more grants.
  2. Do you have trouble finding common documents? Grant applications typically require similar background documentation. If you’re always sending frantic emails to colleagues to request copies of these documents, something is amiss with your grant management process.
  3. Reports on the grant “pipeline” are incomplete – or impossible – to find. If you’re asking, “Reports? What reports?” then it’s definitely a warning sign that the grant process could be better at your nonprofit organization. If reports are missing, incomplete, or impossible to find, that’s a warning sign of a broken process.
  4. Your team cannot work on more than one grant a time; they’re easily overwhelmed. This happens for several reasons. The most common reason is that one person leads the grant management process without delegating tasks to others. If that person’s plate fills, there’s no process or system in place for the overflow work to move to someone else.
  5. There’s little collaboration among teams. Collaboration is difficult or non-existent. It’s not that people don’t want to collaborate, it’s that they find it hard to do so. Information may be difficult to share or it may be hard to prioritize around existing work.

If you recognize your organization in any of these signs, it may be time to consider your options for nonprofit accounting software that includes grant management components. The right software can make it much easier to manage new grant applications, renewals, and more.

Organization Is the Key to Successful Grant Management

If you look at the list above, one thing the warning signs share in common is a lack of organization. A disorganized approach to grant management can lead to slow, incomplete, or unsuccessful grant applications.

Organizing your grant management process starts with systems to manage the paperwork associated with grants. Grants often require background documentation, proof of work, and an outline or statement of how the grant funds will be used. Gathering and saving pertinent documents so that you can replicate them later for future documents is an important time-saving step, but it requires software and systems in place to support it.

Grant Management Software Consultation

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We are expert problem-solvers and understand the world of nonprofit organizations very well from the many years we’ve worked with organizations. We can help you identify the main challenges facing your organization’s grant management process and find solutions that fit your needs and budget.

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