What’s New with Abila MIP Fund Accounting? Plenty!


Abila MIP Fund AccountingAbila MIP Fund Accounting offers a robust general ledger and general accounting program for nonprofit organizations. It’s mobile, cloud-based technology that grows with your nonprofit. It’s a solution that hundreds of nonprofits put to good use daily. You can, too.

The basic Abila MIP package contains all that you need to get started including general ledger functions, reporting, and reconciliation functions. Additional modules include human resources management, payroll management, and multi-currency transactions, making Abila MIP a great choice for nonprofits working worldwide.

Abila MIP Fund Accounting has had some changes and updates this year. We think you’ll agree that these are terrific ideas that will help many nonprofit organizations.

Abila MIP Version 2017.2

If you already have Abila MIP Fund Accounting, you were probably prompted on or around April 24, 2017, to download an update. This update brings your software up to version 2017.2.

In this release, Abila has made key performance updates as well as changes and enhancements across MIP. The new MIP Idea Portal is also an addition that provides you with a chance to share your requests with the Abila development team. We love to get your feedback, so don’t be shy about asking for what you need!

You can find the MIP™ Idea Portal from the MIP™ Menu or at https://mipideas.abila.com/. This portal contains 20-plus unique categories across MIP™ for you to quickly submit your product ideas. You can also vote for other ideas submitted by your peers, and check statuses of all ideas.

Among the many performance improvements found in 2017.2, you’ll find that the load time for the void check form has been decreased by initially applying a date filter. There’s much faster transfer of payroll data to accounting. MIP database upgrades are also noticeably faster.

For those using the HR reporting components, Abila has many numerous enhancements to these as well. Employee ID changes are now available in reporting, and reporting formatting is standardized across HR reports.

MIP™ 2017.2 also contains more than 30 quality resolutions so that previously reported problems have been fixed. Are you ready for 2017.2 yet? We are!

Why Choose Abila MIP?

Abila MIP Fund Accounting offers a ready-made package of accounting software specially designed for a nonprofit organization. Track, manage, and report funds across your organization. Keep track of all expenses and income. Make informed, confident financial decisions. Abila MIP Fund Accounting makes it easier to do this and more.

One of the hallmarks of Abila products that sets it apart from others serving the nonprofit arena is its commitment to meeting customer needs. That’s one reason why Abila put into place the new MIP Idea Portal. Each update of Abila MIP includes ideas and needs described by users. Dedicated to user success has made Abila MIP the fund accounting software of choice for nonprofits.

Nonprofits report various reasons why they chose Abila MIP Fund Accounting. Some like its ability to grow along with their nonprofit. As they add more employees, it’s easy to add access to newcomers to the software. Others find that Abila MIP shortens the time it takes to prepare for audits, board meetings, and other important events where they must discuss financials. No matter what your nonprofit does or who it serves, software such as Abila MIP Fund Accounting can help it run more efficiently.

RBP Methods

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