It’s Easy to Use Fundraising Software to Enhance Online Fundraising

 fundraising softwareThese tips will help you raise more funds online.

Fundraising software such as Abila Fundraising Online can help you raise money for your organization. Online fundraising is an accepted method of raising money for a nonprofit organization and easier than ever thanks to fundraising software. With the right approach and a few simple best practices, you’ll be able to get the most from your fundraising software and use it to benefit your organization and constituents.

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Online Fundraising Tips

Raising money online can seem like a daunting task, but it’s similar to raising money through other channels, especially through direct mail. The idea is to make it easy for donors to say “yes” and donate to your organization. To do this, try the following tips.

  1. Add a donation button to your website: A donation button, which leads to a secure place on your website for people to donate money, is a ‘must’ for all nonprofits that use donations to fund activities. Include the “donate now” button in a prominent place on all pages of your site, such as in the top or side navigation bars. Test it to make sure it leads to the correct destination, your secure donation form.
  2. Test multiple donation forms: Create one form that can be the control (as in a science experiment, something with a known response rate.) Then test multiple versions with different creative elements changed in them against the control form to see which ones generate the best results. You should test multiple forms and even have several options available to assess which helps increase donations. Elements to test include the placement of various calls to action, the use of color, big visual bursts and other graphic elements that call attention to your organization’s mission. If you don’t have a control form for online giving, use one from your direct mail campaigns or a form you already know works as your control and test changes against it.
  3. Try social campaigns: Social media, along with fundraising software, can greatly boost online donations. Peer-to-peer fundraising, in which people interested in helping out your organization share campaign links and other information through their social networking sites, can expand your reach and boost fundraising. Synchronize social media campaigns with your online fundraising software so you can track and measure which campaigns generate the best response. That way in the future, you can do more of what works based on data from past campaigns.
  4. Make it easy for others to fundraise on your behalf: Make it easy for others to set up fundraising pages based on your own website. Provide code so that fans of your organization can copy and paste it into their own web browsers, blog widgets and so on. By providing the HTML code to set up their own fundraising page, you ensure that it keeps your organization’s mission and brand at the forefront and that donations lead to your online fundraising software.

Online Fundraising Software Choices

Online fundraising software can help you with your efforts to raise money. The right package can make a big impact on your efforts. Abila Fundraising Online makes giving easy, secure, and reliable. It integrates with CRM systems and more and offers fundraising on-the-go for your events. It’s a great package whether you’re running a small startup or a large, well-established nonprofit organization. Learn more about Abila Fundraising Online.

RBP Methods

RBP Methods helps right-brained people navigate a left-brained world. We offer nonprofit software and consulting services including Abila MIP, AccuFund and more. We’d love to talk to you about your online fundraising or other needs, and we hope to see you at the forthcoming webinar. Contact us today or call 503-648-9051.

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