Abila MIP Advance™

Abila MIP AdvanceAbila MIP Advance is true fund accounting™ software in the cloud. This accounting software system allows nonprofit organizations to grow their mission while being confident that financial records meet accounting regulations and IT systems are secure and up-to-date.


Complex Nonprofit Financials With Simple Execution

Abila MIP Advance combines all of the fund accounting capabilities you need with advanced dashboards and cloud-based technology.

  • Nonprofit Financial Accounting: Software that is built with nonprofit organizations in mind means that you don’t need to cobble together systems that are made for different purposes. Abila MIP Advance meets all of the accounting standards for nonprofits so you can be confident when the auditor calls.
  • Advanced Analytics and Dashboards: With role-based dashboards and robust analytical tools, you can quickly find, report and track the information most important to you, your donors, and your board.
  • Cloud-Based Technology: With your fund accounting solution hosted in the cloud, you don’t need to worry about out-dated hardware, upgrading software, or security. Maintenance, backups, and advanced cybersecurity are all included.

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