AccuFund Endowment Accounting

AccuFund Endowment Accounting is a complete financial solution for foundations and nonprofit organizations managing endowments. Designed to track, account for, and report on endowment funds (both named and combined), AccuFund Endowment Accounting provides nonprofits and foundations with the controls and reports they need to meet UPMIFA and FASB 117 requirements. The solution takes care of the endowment fund accounting details for the foundation while allowing managers to focus on managing the combined portfolio and working with donors and constituents. The solution also includes AccuFund’s Allocation Management module to provide allocations of all of the foundation’s income and expenses to every named fund.

Based on AccuFund Accounting Suite’s flexible accounting structure, AccuFund Endowment Accounting makes it easy to maintain an accounting and reporting structure for each foundation regardless of its many and unique reporting requirements.

What’s Included in AccuFund Endowment Accounting?

AccuFund Endowment Accounting includes the AccuFund Core System, the Allocation Management module, and the optional Fund Management module, providing you with a nonprofit accounting solution to meet your audit and reporting needs.

The AccuFund Core System includes:

  • General Ledger
  • Financial Report Writer
  • Allocation Management
  • Accounts Payable
  • Cash Receipting
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • System Security
  • User Security
  • Forms Designer
  • Data Imports and Exports
  • Document and Image Scanning

The Allocation Management Module

This module provides allocations of all income and expenses to every named fund. It will also calculate a spending plan for each fund based on the foundation’s and each individual fund’s requirements. With this module, foundations and nonprofits can allocate:

  • Realized and unrealized gains and losses
  • Investment returns (dividends, interests and other returns)
  • Expenses (portfolio management fees, etc. for each portfolio)
  • Fund management fees
  • Foundation spending fees

The Fund Management Module

This optional module can be added to provide additional data tracking (such as demographic data) and image storage capabilities to the AccuFund Endowment Accounting system. It has user definable fields for items such as:

  • Copies of trusted documents
  • Documentation of fee agreements
  • Detailed spending policies
  • Notes from conversations and usage plans

Give us a call today so we can talk about what your needs are and how AccuFund Endowment Accounting might work for your organization.