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RBP Methods Presents AccuFund’s Financial Report Writing at AccuSum 2017

RBP Methods to teach AccuFund’s financial report writer with half day session at AccuSum 2017, enabling nonprofits to take data presentation to the next level. Portland, OR – May 16, 2017– RBP Methods, a consulting company specializing in nonprofit systems, announced that it will present on financial reporting for AccuFund users at the AccuSum 2017, […]

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MIP Fund Accounting

What’s New in Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ 2017.2?

MIP Fund Accounting is a comprehensive solution for nonprofit financial management. Using this software, our clients have been able to better manage, track and report on finances across their entire organization. The newest version of MIP Fund Accounting will be ready for download on April 24. This release has many key enhancements and improvements including: […]

Health Care Reporting Requirements for 2015

It is likely that your organization will be affected by new reporting standards for Health Plan Coverage. Although the new reporting standards went into effect in 2015, official reports will not be due until January of 2016. In this article, we will look at things you can do now to help prepare you for completing […]

Financial Reporting for Audit Success

Streamlining the Audit Process: Effective Financial Reporting

Nonprofit organizations are essential in our society. They help and support people in countless ways. Because nonprofits receive the majority of their funding through individual donors and are exempt from paying taxes, nonprofits are held accountable to their donors and the government in terms of their spending. This is done through financial audits. In order to be […]


How to Use Nonprofit Software to Protect Your Data and Financial Information

How safe is your nonprofit organization’s data and information? Do you have internal controls and safeguards in place to protect your organization’s most valuable information, or do you leave the security of your data up to chance? Many nonprofits assume that if they have nonprofit software, they’re data is automatically protected. However, with the rise […]


How New Technology and Nonprofit Fundraising Software are Changing Fundraising

Fundraising is a natural part of the life of a nonprofit organization. Because nonprofits do not engage in the selling of products and services for profit, they have to come up with unique and innovative ideas for raising funds and garnering support for donations. In the past, fundraising was largely done through the hosting of […]


How Nonprofits Can Use Dashboards to Improve Nonprofit Financial Management

As a nonprofit accounting services and software reseller company, we are asked many questions regarding the software nonprofits use, the systems they have in place, and best practices for improving financial management and reporting. Of these questions, questions pertaining to dashboards and their purpose and role within nonprofit financial management software are increasingly becoming the […]


Protect Your Organization from Fraud with MIP Fund Accounting

While fraud is certainly no walk in the park for any business or organization, its impact on smaller nonprofit organizations can be particularly devastating. Because they don’t have the tools and resources to quickly bounce back from any kind of loss, small nonprofits must take preventative measures to protect themselves in the case of fraud. […]


How Grant Management Software Can Help You Solve Grant Challenges

Let’s face it: managing grants is hard, and so many nonprofit organizations try to go at it alone. While most organizations see the importance for fund accounting or general financial management software, there are only a few who see the value in investing in a solid grant management solution. The truth is, grant management software […]