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Fundraising Software Success: New Report Shows Where to Focus Efforts

When you’re looking to deploy fundraising software, knowing where to concentrate your efforts is important. The 2016 Giving USA report is out, and nonprofits are taking notice. Giving is an annual periodical that examines the trends among donors to various causes and charities. It provides a window into the mindset of the American philanthropist, from […]

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Online Fundraising 101

We live in an internet driven world. Banking, shopping, reading, connecting, entertainment and even fundraising is done online. However, not everything that is available to do online, is done well. Improving online fundraising is mission critical to your nonprofit. Today we look at some ways you can maximize your online fundraising efforts. There’s no need […]

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The Importance of Early Planning in EOY Fundraising

Although many places across the county are still experiencing summer temperatures, that does not negate the fact that the EOY (end-of-year) is fast approaching. Getting started with end-of-year fundraising early can make a significant impact on a successful EOY fundraising season. A common question among nonprofits is, “Where do I start?” And, more specifically, “Where […]


What’s New in Abila Fundraising 50?

In order to remain effective and continue meeting the needs of their constituents, nonprofit organizations need to stay current with technology trends and nonprofit management practices. Today’s consumers are relying on smartphones and tablets to do everything from viewing their bank account balances, checking  their emails, shopping for products and services, and making donations to […]