Easily and Securely Access Abila True Fund Accounting™ in Abila’s Modern Secure Cloud




The cloud has quickly been adopted by the business market, and now nonprofits are craving the same flexibility and security. The actual switch to the cloud can be as easy as uploading your database and setting up your secure user accounts. Abila provides the true fund accounting™ you need in the cloud with Abila MIP Advance™.

The cloud enables you to securely and easily retrieve and input information from your mobile phone, tablet, workstation, or laptop computer—wherever and whenever you need.

Because your data is no longer housed on an on-premises server, you eliminate the hassles and cost of infrastructure maintenance and support. In the cloud, Abila manages your technology infrastructure so you don’t have to. Abila will deploy, maintain, backup, upgrade, and secure your hardware and software, getting you out of the tech business and focused on the mission-critical work you need to accomplish.

Abila takes security very seriously. Multiple layers of robust physical and virtual security ensure superior server performance and data security. And you can grow your organization without worrying about incurring exorbitant IT costs. With the cloud, you can add modules to your solution without time-consuming installation, and seamlessly add users without worries of hardware and software incompatibility.

To accomplish this, Abila partners with industry leader Rackspace®, who hosts all cloud implementations of true fund accounting™ solutions in its world-class facilities. Rackspace® has an extensive and successful track record, hosting many of the world’s largest financial institutions through its managed cloud.

Abila MIP Advance

Abila mip fund accounting



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