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Technology to Increase Fund Accounting for Nonprofits

Technology is the leading trend affecting fund accounting for nonprofits and foremost in organizations’ minds as they work toward their goals. Technology is constantly changing, and rapidly. New advances from the for-profit world are pushed into the nonprofit world almost immediately. These advances are changing operations and fund accounting for nonprofits. Let’s take a look […]

nonprofit internal controls

Fund Accounting Enhances Nonprofit Internal Controls

Nonprofit accounting software and consulting company, RBP Methods, shares tips for improved nonprofit internal controls. Have you heard of the new “integrated audit technique” that has entered the nonprofit world? In essence, this technique can enhance your nonprofit internal controls. Internal controls and fund accounting are both necessary and provide safeguards against losses, thefts, and […]


The Characteristics of Top Staff Accountants

Managing the fund accounting process for nonprofits requires an Accountant that shines with accuracy, detail, logic, and great communication skills. To find the diamond in the rough, deeper character traits and highly specific skills are needed. If you’d like to be numbered among the best accountants in your field, then make these skills a priority […]


3 Hard Questions to Ask to Improve Nonprofit Management

Abila MIP Fund Accounting Makes Data Available for Decisions Managers have finite resources and an almost limitless task list they must accomplish in a given day, week, month or quarter. They have to handle people and budgets with equal finesse, and in a nonprofit organization, also managing public perception. More importantly, they have to be […]

AccuFund mobile for nonprofits

Going Mobile with Your Accounting Software for Nonprofits

New accounting software for nonprofits has capabilities which can make mobile access and telecommuting easier, benefiting the whole company. Telecommuting may not seem like it offers many advantages for your organization, but research shows that people who are allowed to work from home are more productive and happier. BizTech magazine reports that telecommuting employees work […]

Nonprofit Accounting

Nonprofits Provide Career Prospects for Millennials

Our partners over at Abila have done a tremendous amount of research and have put together Key Nonprofit Accounting Predictions for 2016. We have found this tool to be very useful for nonprofits an are bringing you some of the top findings to help you uncover the challenges you may be faced with this year, […]

Fund Accounting Software

Remain Reporting Ready with Fund Accounting Software

Organizations, even nonprofits with volunteer boards, need to be able to produce financial statements and reports at any given time. An inability to do so, accurately and consistently can lead to audit nightmares for you and your auditors. This can leave your organization at risk for timely and expensive audits, thus highlighting the need for […]

Accounting Software for Nonprofits

Avoid Financial Roulette Stay in the Black with Accounting Software for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations should undergo annual financial audits in order to ensure they remain fiscally secure and are utilizing their resources wisely. Being prepared at any time for an audit can ease the minds of the entire team and ensure your organization is always operating at maximum capacity. If your organization is not ready for an […]

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Businessman jumps to The New Year 2016.

The Importance of Early Planning in EOY Fundraising

Although many places across the county are still experiencing summer temperatures, that does not negate the fact that the EOY (end-of-year) is fast approaching. Getting started with end-of-year fundraising early can make a significant impact on a successful EOY fundraising season. A common question among nonprofits is, “Where do I start?” And, more specifically, “Where […]