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Grant Management Software Makes It Easier to Manage Workflows

Applying for grants can be time-consuming. The detailed work involved such as gathering biographies, histories, and financial information on your organization, as well as providing detailed plans on how your organization intends to use grant funds, can take hours upon hours to gather. Then you have to document it, store it, and write it up […]

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grant management software

Five Features of Good Grant Management Software

The grant process can be slow, frustrating, and time consuming. Numerous documents must be collected, background information sorted, proposals written and all submitted on time or your request is denied before it’s even left your desk. What’s a nonprofit manager to do? Grant management software can help you stay organized and on track with your […]

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Grant Management Cost Allocation Plan

Have you recently been awarded a sizable grant? Congratulations! Efficient grant management, now that you have received this award, requires that you fully understanding the true cost of performing the services you have committed to complete. Have you factored in all of the potential costs? What if the services you have committed to perform cost […]

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Is it Time for Grant Management Software?

Have you been wondering if it is the right time to invest in Grant Management Software? Purchasing software is a big decision, for any organization, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. We want to help you decide if your organization is ready to make the move to a grant management software solution. If you can identify […]

Using Grant Management Technology to Win Grants

Matching grants are a great resource, particularly to grant-funded organizations. Maximizing funding for these programs requires meticulous tracking and organization of donations in order to receive the maximum match from your grant. Utilizing grant management technology and software can greatly help record the source and history of donations making it easy to track and then […]

Benefits of Grant Management Software

If you are a grant-funded organization then you are all too aware of the time consuming process involved in grant management which includes acquiring and managing those vital grants. A large portion of your time and resources are dedicated to the ever important yet at times inefficient process of acquiring, managing and reporting on grants. […]

Boost Nonprofit Success with Outcome Measurement

It is becoming more and more important for nonprofits to be able to accurately show with clarity and transparency their financial outcomes. These outcome measurements are often used as a way to show investors and constituents a precise picture of the organizations performance. Particularly in today’s economy, producing these measurements can be tricky if the […]

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Nonprofit Accounting Software: Technological Opportunity Awaits

With a continuous stream of challenges facing nonprofits and ongoing battles to prioritize correctly, your organization must address, face, and find solutions to such challenges that include, but are not limited to, financial, environmental, and demographic constraints. Knowing where to put our focus and what is even worth consideration with endless demands on our time, […]

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Nonprofit Financial Management Checklist

With the expectation that nonprofit organizations have to be financially responsible to their board, themselves, their stake holders, and the government comes the need to be extremely organized and methodical in accomplishing tasks. This is not easy, but a little organization can go a long way in helping to regulate and improve financial management for […]


How Grant Management Software Can Help You Solve Grant Challenges

Let’s face it: managing grants is hard, and so many nonprofit organizations try to go at it alone. While most organizations see the importance for fund accounting or general financial management software, there are only a few who see the value in investing in a solid grant management solution. The truth is, grant management software […]