Abila Nonprofit Online™ Suite (formerly Sage Nonprofit Online)

For nonprofit organizations looking to move their focus away from managing IT and infrastructure in order to spend their time and energy on more mission-related activities, the Cloud is a viable option. Designed to be a low-maintenance solution in terms of both IT support and cost, Cloud-based software is quickly becoming nonprofits’ solution of choice when it comes to accounting, fundraising, and organizational management.

Abila Nonprofit Online™ offers nonprofit organizations a cloud-based solution to simplify the management of nonprofit accounting, grants, fundraising and CRM. In addition to receiving the complete nonprofit management package that is included with Abila Nonprofit Online™, nonprofits organizations receive the additional benefits of the Cloud, including automatic software updates, automatic state and federal tax code updates and remote access to nonprofit software applications.

Rather than having to focus on acquiring and maintaining the proper IT infrastructure (and the costly and time-consuming upgrades that come along with it) to support their organizations, nonprofits utilizing Cloud technology are free of the burden of managing their solutions and can focus their energy on tasks that add value to the organization.

Always Connected, Always On – The Benefits of Remote Access

Abila Nonprofit Online™ provides nonprofits and their teams with anywhere, anytime secure access to their most important data and information. No costly remote access hardware or software is required. All that’s needed is a connection to the Internet. Ideal for organizations distributed across multiple offices, geographies, or at home, nonprofits with flexible work policies or organizations in weather-prone areas, Abila Nonprofit Online™ provides organizations with the safe and secure access they need, whenever they need it. No remote desktop session required.

Safe and Secure Access

Security is not a question with Abila Nonprofit Online™. Abila maintains a highly secure and available infrastructure that rivals those of on-premise solutions. In fact, while many assume that data in the Cloud is less secure, it is often more safe and secure than data stored on local networks. Cloud solutions are armed with architecture that make outages insignificant for the end-user, and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) even specify minimum uptimes so you can rely on your solution to be available when you need it.

What’s Included in the Abila Nonprofit Online Suite™?

Abila Nonprofit Online™ Suite includes:

  • Financial Management: Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ (formerly Sage 100 Fund Accounting) provides nonprofits with the functionality they need to demonstrate the transparency and accountability boards and auditors demand.
  • Fundraising and CRM: Abila Fundraising 50™ (formerly Sage Fundraising 50) provides nonprofits with fundraising and CRM capabilities, while Abila Fundraising Online™ (formerly Sage Fundraising Online) helps nonprofits raise funds, manage events and promote fundraising campaigns.

Reduce costs by buying the Abila Nonprofit Online™ Bundle

Looking for Saas Nonprofit accounting orSaas fundraising? This bundle may help you save big!

When your organization is looking for nonprofit solutions via a hosted subscription model, Abila (formerly Sage Nonprofit Solutions) provides a significant opportunity for savings via its Abila Nonprofit Online™ bundle. When you choose to use more than one SaaS Abila product, you can get the full range of Abila nonprofit offerings for a single per user per month price—typically for the price of two solutions. Of course, you can always buy any individual product as a SaaS stand alone and do not have to purchase the bundle. Or you can purchase the bundle for two products and not use the additional products you do not want. But if your team wishes to reduce costs, the additional bundle products are available for no additional change.

The bundle pricing is only available for hosted subscriptions and includes the following products:

Abila MIP Fund AccountingAbila MIP Fund Accounting™


Abila Fundraising 50Abila Fundraising 50™


Abila Fundraising OnlineAbila Fundraising Online™


Give us a call today so we can talk about what your needs are and how Abila Nonprofit Online™ might work for your organization.


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