Loan Tracking

The Loan Tracking software module by AccuFund is a complete loan servicing system for organizations managing revolving loan funds. The software is highly configurable to match each organization’s specific loan programs.

Features Include:

– User-definable loan types

– 360 day vs. 365 day interest

– Fixed payment and fixed principal loans

– Additional disbursements after loan start

– Automatically calculates last payment balloons

– Allows loan and interest holidays

– Unlimited user definable additional fees for guarantees, late fees, escrow, tenant fees and more.

– Prints coupon books, monthly invoices and statements

– Tracking of multiple loans per customer

Accounting System Integration

As well as using it in the AccuFund Suite, the Loan Tracking software may be utilized as an add-on to other products such as FundWare, Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ (formerly Sage 100 Fund Accounting) and any system that provides for an ASCII or CSV file interchange. Using the Loan Tracking software module either as a stand alone or as an add-on will give you the performance and functionality you need.

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