Fundraising is becoming more important every year. The organizations competing for that donated dollar are getting better at raising funds. The risk of reduced government funding increases with the growing national debt. Doing a great job for your constituents is no longer enough. Give us a call even if you are just getting started with fundraising or have a limited pool of unrestricted funds. We can point out some free or inexpensive options to get started, and map out where you want to go. We offer Abila Fundraising 50™ (formerly Sage Fundraising 50) and Abila Fundraising Online™ (Abila Fundraising Online) as a couple of solutions. Each of these can work independently, can integrate together, and can integrate with other software solutions.

Abila Fundraising Online™

Abila Fundraising Online™ is a must see for every organization in fundraising or just considering fundraising. This tool works great for everyone from small organizations getting started with fundraising to large national organizations with six figure fundraising budgets. Click here to see more on Abila Fundraising Online™.

Abila Fundraising 50™

Built for ease of use and affordability, Abila Fundraising 50™ offers a complete package for nonprofit organizations that need a fundraising workhorse with an abundance of core features in a straightforward, integrated fundraising software system. Click here to see more on Abila Fundraising 50™.


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