Orange Leap Online Donation Management and Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) for Nonprofits

RBP Methods provides implementation and configuration of Orange Leap, a simple to use solution that streamlines donation management and strengthens relationships with constituents and other nonprofits.

Orange Leap is a unique on-demand and online donation management and constituent relationship management solution built specifically to grow nonprofit organizations of all shapes and sizes. No longer do you need to rely on individuals to remember your processes, let your solution do the work! With an intuitive, simplistic approach to even the most complicated tasks, it’s easy to get up and running quickly. By allowing you to adapt your installation to meet your needs, you are not bound by the rules, requirements, and processes of what others have implemented. The platform’s flexibility allows your solution installation to change as you need it.



Easy to Learn and Customize

Orange Leap’s user interface is designed to work the way you do: from quickly and easily accessing information; or inputting / updating existing data such as a gift, address, or payment status. It provides context-appropriate navigation and picklists allowing you to reduce the number of steps needed for a transaction as well as terminology that is easy to understand, or- that can be changed to match the language you use.


Correspondence and Payment History

The correspondence section allows you to maintain a list of communications and additional notes associated with any constituent. Entries can be made manually or automatically based upon another event, such as a thank-you email. By maintaining not only what was sent, where it was sent, and by whom, you can quickly answer questions about who received what and when. History is maintained for gifts and pledges, but you can also view a list of all payments by the constituent, including what it was for, the amount, and the payment details.


Flexible Contact Manager

Multiple permanent, temporary, and seasonal address, email, and phone contacts allow you to know how to contact your constituents at any point in time. Being able to maintain how your constituents want to receive correspondence allows you to focus your campaigns and avoid the issues and embarrassment associated with calling or emailing someone who has opted-out of those communications or requested use of a different address.


Reporting at your user’s fingertips

By utilizing The Guru, Orange Leap’s reporting, scheduling, and distribution capabilities are extensive and user-friendly, enabling your users to create their reports without needing technical expertise.

Some of the direct benefits of Orange Leap include:

  • The ability to manage constituent relationship management and gifts using a web browser from anywhere.
  • A simple, intuitive user interface allowing you to get up and running with minimal instruction or training.
  • The ability to adapt your instance based upon your needs, terminology and business processes.
  • Access to Orange Leap’s forums, discussion boards, knowledgebase, articles, and community contributions.
  • Process automation – allowing you to avoid the risks associated with relying on any one person to remember what to do, when, and who needs to approve it.
  • Integrates with other existing solutions that do what you need for accounting, email, website, etc.
  • A web-based service allowing you to stay current as well as take advantage of new features as they become available.

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