Support Plan

We are pleased to offer a nonprofit software support plan for your needs. Please review these options and choose a package that will fit your company’s software support requirements.

Our support plan for your Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ or AccuFund system is your live help desk. Call or email when you need help with MIP Fund Accounting software or AccuFund software and we will help at that moment or get back to you as soon as possible. Typically, support calls are quickly resolved over the phone, although sometimes they require us to view your screen remotely to resolve the issue.

Our support plan is not in lieu of regular staff training nor is it a replacement for the technical software support provided by Abila™ or AccuFund.

Here are a few examples of how you could use our support plan:

  1. That moment in the middle of writing checks when the check numbers are out of sequence.
  2. You’re not sure how to post a single transaction across two months.
  3. In the payroll module, you must void a payroll check in a quarter that has already been closed for tax reporting purposes.

These examples are not technical problems with the software or a lack of training. You just need a bit of help to stay on track and get the job done.

RBP Methods Compared to Software Company Support Plans

The annual Support and Maintenance plans offered by Abila™ and AccuFund are focused on the software application itself, not the technical issues users encounter while using the software. RBP Methods’ support plan is focused on supporting you, the end user, by helping you understand best practices for recording transactions in your software to ensure compliance with all stakeholders when reporting from your system.

Our key differentiator from Abila™ or AccuFund support is that we know you, your staff, the structure of your database, your processes, and many of the reports you generate on a routine basis. This knowledge helps us quickly identify the problem and how to resolve it. We also have years of CPA-level experience with nonprofit accounting, compliance reporting, and audit support to help ensure the work is being done correctly and efficiently. 

Support Plan Details

If we are unable to answer your question or assist immediately, we will make every effort to get back to you within 48 hours, including weekends if you request. If your situation requires help from the Abila or AccuFund tech staff, we will help you contact them or contact them on your behalf. We can also follow up on the support cases you submit directly to Abila or AccuFund tech support.

Support plan subscriptions are on an annual basis, January through December.

RBP Methods must be the reseller on record with Abila™ or AccuFund to enroll in our support plan. If we aren’t your reseller per Abila™ or AccuFund, please check with your reseller on record to see what support plans they have available. If you have further questions, please call us and we can talk through this with you.

Remember, our support plan is not a substitute for formal training on the Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ software or AccuFund system and its components. Staff members using the RBP Methods’ support plan and calling for assistance must have participated in formal training from either RBP Methods or another Abila Fund Accounting training/AccuFund training partner in a classroom or one-on-one setting.

Support Plan Extras

RBP Methods’ support plan subscribers also receive:

  • 20% discount on our webinars and RBP’s annual user group
  • 20% discount on our classroom training
  • Free Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ & AccuFund Expert Series training
  • Guaranteed response within 24 hours by


Support Plan Annual Subscription

Abila MIP Fund Accounting™AccountingAccounting & PayrollAccounting, Payroll,
AccuFund CoreCore & PayrollCore, Payroll, HR & Employee Portal


We also offer support plans for Microix and Drillpoint upon request.


Specific Plan Information

All service is guaranteed under these plans. However, we cannot be responsible for our inability to perform due to phone or service carrier failure to provide coverage at any moment or place. We cannot be liable for any cultural or legal barrier presented by governments in areas that we may be travelling. Beyond that, we guarantee our service and performance time and offer a $150 credit to your account if we fail to perform as stated.

Phone response guarantee—We are not always in the office. We guarantee that we will return your call within the designated time after you leave a message.

Upgrade assistance—We will bill you for this amount each time we assist you to upgrade your software/database.

All plans run one year, from January through December. We prorate the fee for plans that begin after January 1 so they conclude on December 31.


Support Plan—Additional Items

We also offer some services at a special pricing to annual support contract holders. We will charge these only if you request the service.

  • On-site training or support—$950 per half-day
  • Web-based training on system functionality—$295 per 2-hour session per person
  • Special report design—$295 per report
  • Import set up—$195 per import set up and test

We will review other requests and submit a pricing plan before we begin the work.


Support Plan—Items Not Included

Some things are outside the normal support scope and are not part of this engagement. These items and others like them require a project scope to determine the extent of work involved. We will quote them after the scope and see if you want to move forward with the project after you review our findings. Some examples include

  • Specific system integration requiring data linkage
  • Database rebuild or disaster recovery
  • Database structure change
  • Set up additional database(s)

To sign up for a support plan, please contact RBP.


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