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Is The Cloud the Right Fit for Your Nonprofit Accounting Software?

As a whole, nonprofit organizations are slow to adopt new technologies. While some organizations just aren’t ready for change, many nonprofits fail to embrace new technologies for the sole reason that they are often costly and difficult to implement. Many nonprofits view new technology as a luxury that cannot be afforded. However, many nonprofit organizations […]

Does Your Organization have a Fund Development Plan?

A nonprofit organization’s success lies in more than simply providing the best services to its community; true nonprofit success requires fund development planning and strategic fund accounting. A fund development plan is similar to your nonprofit’s multi-year strategic plan. In fact, it is a sub-plan of your organization’s strategic plan. While the strategic plan provides […]

Preparing for your Financial Statement Audit

Audit time is your time to shine.  There is nothing better than showing someone that speaks your language (the auditors) what a great job you’ve done all year.  Below are some suggestions to let auditors know that you are on top of your game. Prepare the financial statements, in your accounting system, that match the […]

Benefits of Automating Your Nonprofit Budget

Planning, creating and maintaining your nonprofit budget is crucial to the continued growth and success of your organization.  From identifying year over year funding and expenses, to properly tracking different programs under your umbrella, and being able to present information in accordance with FASB and GASB guidelines, a good budget can make or break your […]