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5 Tips to Protect Nonprofit Data and Weather Disaster

Hurricanes, blizzards and other weather-related events can disrupt operations if there isn’t a plan in place. Knowing how to prepare for disaster is tricky and can take different forms. Some people go to the extreme in their planning which may not be necessary. Others live in the land of “it’ll never happen to me” leaving […]

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Is Cloud-Based Online Accounting Software for Nonprofits Better?

You’ve probably seen lots of advertisements for cloud-based software and services—even online accounting software for nonprofits. So, what is this cloud and why should you pay attention to it? The cloud is a collection of servers, each specializing in its own function. That function may be data storage, or serving up software, or archiving pictures. […]

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Skies the Limit with Cloud Technology

The cloud is most easily defined, according to CNN Money as software and services that run off the Internet instead of the server in your workspace. Today, everyone will find themselves in the cloud, for most of the day. Each time you use your phone to look at Gmail, stream music or movies, or utilize social […]

Benefits of Cloud Accounting for Nonprofits

Cloud accounting is a tool for nonprofits to take advantage of as you pursue the vision and mission of your organization. Cloud accounting can help by streamlining processes and making information readily available to your users. Nonprofit businesses are finding new ways to engage their clients in a digital economy and new ways to engage their […]