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Fundraising Software Best Practices: Like Attracts Like. Finding Likely Donors

Use Fundraising Software and Predictive Modeling Techniques to Find Your Best Potential Donors You’ve probably heard the expression “like attracts like.”  Most of the time it’s said in relation to friends, but it can also be used as a guiding theory behind finding new donors. The idea is called predictive modeling, and the goal is […]

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4 More Nonprofit Fundraising Trend Strategies

As we have discussed over the past several weeks, nonprofit fundraising is continually changing and evolving. To keep up with the trends is no easy task, and there are factors that need to be kept in mind to keep yourself from not overdoing it while also being sure you are moving in the right direction […]


4 Strategies for Keeping Up with Nonprofit Fundraising Trends

If you haven’t noticed by now, it is only a matter of time. What’s happening? Fundraising is changing and fast!  Everything is shifting these days, and it is necessary for your nonprofit organization to keep up. To see what factors are influencing nonprofit fundraising the most in 2015 and the need to engage with them, […]

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Nonprofit Fundraising Developments: Keep an Eye on This!

Last week, we looked at five factors that are currently influencing what the focus should be on for nonprofit fundraising in our modern world, and that these factors all revolve around engaging donors and potential donors. To learn more, visit here. In order to truly engage, the nonprofit world must evolve and keep pace with […]


Engaging with the Future of Nonprofit Fundraising

If only we could know the future, wouldn’t that be nice? If our predictions were guaranteed to match reality, life in the nonprofit world would certainly be easier. Like it or not, though, this is not reality. Without being sure of what the future holds, it is our responsibility to be in tune to what […]


Seven Secrets to Improving Your Fundraising Efforts

If your nonprofit organization has been around for some time, you probably understand the frustrations associated with nonprofit fundraising. While supporters are typically enthusiastic about giving during the first few years, financial gift amounts tend to dwindle the longer the organization stays in operation. Boosting support and appreciation for your organization can be challenging; however, […]


Keep Track of These Key Analytics for Your Year-End Fundraising Campaign

As the year comes to an end, you are more than likely scrambling to raise last-minute support to achieve your organization’s fundraising goals. As you know, launching a fundraising campaign requires a lot of work and planning, but the effort doesn’t stop once you’ve sent out an email or social media post. In order to […]

A Secret to Nonprofit Funding

We recently read a great article in the Nonprofit World Magazine that shared a little secret for nonprofit funding. When planning a capital project, many nonprofits have to execute multi-year capital campaigns to save up for necessary funding. Then, more often than not the campaign takes years longer than expected which in turn increases the amount […]