Expertise in Non-Profit Accounting Software

We have many years of experience in accounting software for the nonprofit and governmental sectors. Our diverse client base covers the spectrum of reporting needs, from grant funding to private contributions, from membership to tuition base. These variant streams of revenue have their individual fiduciary responsibilities and reporting complexities.

We offer nonprofit accounting software and many other solutions that we consider the best in the market today and, just as importantly, solutions that we believe will continue to be strong in the groundbreakers of tomorrow. We believe in stopping the 7-year-itch cycle of changing software. We have seen a great deal of change in the software industry for governmental sector and non-profit sector and we know what stands the test of time. Our years of experience, study, and in-depth industry knowledge give us the edge of quickly learning how to implement the best solution in your situation. Moreover, we are not afraid to say that we cannot help but offer solutions that might better fit you need.

We offer more than just accounting software for nonprofits. We can assist you in growing your donor base with effective donor management packages; we help you integrate human resources and employee timekeeping into your financial system. We truly believe in our motto: “We help nonprofit and governmental entities focus their resources on programs through effective use of technology.” That’s what we do.

Give us a call. We are honored to help you evaluate your needs and establish a roadmap for your organization’s future.