Simple Solutions to Protect Your Data

The value of backing up your system and making sure your solution works

Just recently one of our clients experienced a complete system crash of their server which destroyed their ability to capture and restore their data. What this crash means to this organization is that they will be spending a great deal of time and other resources to restoring the data either electronically or manually. This experience has led us to express once more how valuable and important it is to protect your data.

IT Rules and Internal Controls need to be in place for all of these steps. Please don’t be fooled with the thought process that IT alone is responsible for your data. Even IT can fail which is what happens over and over again.

Here are some inexpensive and simple solutions that you can implement:

* Find a web based account to drop your data into on a nightly basis – Example: Carbonite – simple and relatively inexpensive

* Dedicate a jump drive to take the back up off the system and home with someone every night

Regardless of whether you choose a jump drive or web based backup solution, the main goal is to get your data off the machine that holds the data. Periodically you will need to restore the data to a new name and make sure it works. Every one of the system failures that we have seen over the past 20 years has been because of IT. Relying on one department to protect your data is folly, and we would never advise this.