Financial Management

Choosing the right accounting package for your organization can seem like a daunting task. Many non profit fund accounting software re-sellers push a cornucopia of features to create a facade of a perfect system that does everything so that you feel good in knowing that you’re getting your bang for your buck. They stamp “nonprofit” on their software to give the impression that it was actually designed to handle your needs.

Fundraising Solutions

Fundraising is becoming more important every year. The organizations competing for that donated dollar are getting better at raising funds. The risk of reduced government funding increases with the growing national debt. Doing a great job for your constituents is no longer enough.

Grant Management

Don’t miss another grant opportunity! Ditch the spreadsheets and move into a streamlined, collaborative, and secure solution—while providing transparency and seamless reporting.

Success Stories

“The team at RBP Methods is not only knowledgeable, but they present information in an enjoyable way that different levels of users can understand. From people on the front line doing accounts payable, all the way up to the Executive Directors, Kent has a quirky way of looking at things that communicates so well with all of us.”

“RBP Methods really took the time to understand our needs, analyze our situation, gauge where we were at and configure the program accordingly. RBP stands for ‘Right Brained People’ and they really are right brained, and I am extremely left brained! Their team really helped me throughout the entire process and brought the integrity and experience that we needed in a solution provider. Thanks to their hard work I am confident that this system will last us far into the future.”

Happy businesswoman wearing suit working using a calculator in a desk at office

What is the Difference between For-Profit Accounting and Fund Accounting for Nonprofits?

There are many differences in the accounting tasks required for profit and nonprofits organizations. While both sectors are required to report and track income and expenses and perform payroll duties, nonprofits have more requirements to meet. These requirements stem from a nonprofit’s duty to apply their financial (and non-financial) resources to their mission and allocate […]

nonprofit best practices

Nonprofit Best Practices: How Do You Measure the Impact Your Nonprofit is Making?

Is it feasible to measure the impact a nonprofit is making? Most often, impact is measured through output metrics such as the number of people who have been helped, the number of animals saved, or the number of members served. All of those have one thing in common: they are measuring by numbers. What if […]

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