Abila Fund Accounting 100 Inventory Module is Now Integrated with Microix

Sage-MIP-Fund-Accounting-integrated-with-MicroixHave you heard the news? Abila (formerly Sage Nonprofit Solutions) has discontinued its Inventory module for Abila Fund Accounting 100 (formerly Sage 100 Fund Accounting/ Sage MIP Fund Accounting) and is replacing it, free of cost to current inventory customers, with Microix’s inventory solution.

In order to take advantage of this exciting inventory package, current Abila Fund Accounting 100 users must have a requisition piece from either Microix or Abila. Take a look at some of the exciting features included in the Microix inventory tool:

  • Barcode capabilities for inventory tracking (including barcode printing)
  • Increased visibility for greater control of inventory and stock levels
  • Real-time information updates to track inventory availability
  • Multi-warehouse management
  • Lot, Serial and Bin tracking
  • One-touch reporting for all of your reporting needs
  • Seamless integration into Abila Fund Accounting 100 (Sage 100 Fund Accounting / Sage MIP)

If you would like to learn more about this new inventory tool, contact our office today!