Keep Track of These Key Analytics for Your Year-End Fundraising Campaign

fundraising-software-key-analtyicsAs the year comes to an end, you are more than likely scrambling to raise last-minute support to achieve your organization’s fundraising goals. As you know, launching a fundraising campaign requires a lot of work and planning, but the effort doesn’t stop once you’ve sent out an email or social media post. In order to truly gain value from your fundraising campaign, you need to monitor your fundraising page’s analytics. Monitoring your fundraising pages’ analytics will provide you with the insight you need to better connect with your donors when they visit your website.

We’ve highlighted a few key questions to ask yourself as you monitor your donation page’s key analytics. Make sure you monitor the following for all of your year-end fundraising campaigns:

  • How are people finding my donation page?
    It’s important to know how people are finding your nonprofit organization’s donation page. Did they follow the link from a post you made on Facebook or Twitter? Are they coming from an email campaign your organization sent out? Find out where your visitors are coming from so you can pay more attention to the strategies that are working and improve upon the strategies that are not.
  • How many people are visiting my donation page and donating?
    This is an important analytic, for it helps you measure the effectiveness of your organization’s donation page. Are people actually donating to your organization? Or are they simply visiting the page and leaving? Tracking this information will also let you monitor whether the changes you make to your page are hurting or helping your fundraising efforts over time. This measurement is typically called a “conversion rate” and it can be measured in Google Analytics. (If you are not using Google Analytics or fundraising software to monitor your fundraising campaigns, now is the time to start doing so). To calculate your page’s conversion rate, simply divide the number of donations by the number of page views for specified period of time.
  • How many people are visiting my donation page without making a donation?
    This measurement is called a bounce rate, and it can help you measure how compelling your donation page is to visitors. Ideally, you want a low bounce rate for your donation page because that means a visitor stayed on the page long enough to visit other pages on your website. What suffices as a high bounce rate? This can vary; however, anything over 70% should be closely monitored. High bounce rates generally mean the content on your page is not engaging enough for visitors, so if you begin experiencing high bounce rates, reexamine your page content.
  • How many people are accessing my donation page via a tablet or mobile phone?
    People are using their mobile devices for everything it seems, donating to charities included. If your donation page is not mobile friendly, you run the risk of losing out on potential donations. Make sure your website is responsive to tablets and mobile phones, and track the number of mobile visitors you have each month. This can provide you with valuable insight into how your visitors are accessing your page and what format they are expecting to see when they arrive at your page.
  • How long are people spending on my donation page?
    If your donation page has a form, you want visitors to spend as little time as possible on the page. If you are seeing visitors spend over 3 minutes on a donation page with a form, you need to start brainstorming ways to streamline the process and make it as easy as possible for visitors to make a donation. If, however, your donation page is designed to make your case before directing visitors to the donation form, longer time spent on the page could mean your content is compelling and interesting to visitors. You just need to make sure you monitor the time visitors spend on your page and compare it with your conversion rates. If your rates are falling, it’s time to start developing better content to engage your visitors and make a stronger case for your organization.

Tools such as Google Analytics and fundraising software such as Abila Fundraising Online and Orange Leap can help you track the above analytics so you can continue creating successful fundraising campaigns. If you are in the market for fundraising software to help you track these key analytics, give us a call today at (503) 648-9051. We’d be more than happy to guide you through the selection process, as well as provide you with fundraising best practices to make all of your efforts a success.