Governmental Reporting with MIP Fund Accounting Software

MIP-Fund-Accounting-Government-ModuleAbila MIP Fund Accounting software offers modules to customize your system. One such module offers governmental reporting capabilities and simplifies the process of submitting government reports. It is called Abila MIP Fund Accounting’s Governmental Accounting Standard Board (GASB) Module. 

This powerful and easy-to-use solution includes the essentials tools needed to easily produce GASB-34 required reports based on the highest accounting standards. It also allows you to accomplish the difficult task of producing the complex, intricately formatted GASB-compliant Government Wide Statement of Activities. The GASB Module will assist in the major change to traditional government financial reporting and accounting standards that requires accurate, detailed, and thorough accrual accounting of fixed assets of all government entities.

The software allows you to:
  • Report fixed assets in the Government-wide Statement of Net Assets
  • Report capital and infrastructure asset depreciation
  • Divide net assets into convenient financial reporting categories
  • Report depreciation expenses in the Statement of Activities

Contact RBP Methods for more information about this fund accounting software module.