5 Tips to Protect Nonprofit Data and Weather Disaster

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Hurricanes, blizzards and other weather-related events can disrupt operations if there isn’t a plan in place. Knowing how to prepare for disaster is tricky and can take different forms. Some people go to the extreme in their planning which may not be necessary. Others live in the land of “it’ll never happen to me” leaving their organization exposed.

Even if you’re not affected by hurricane season, some type of weather, natural disaster or even a system crash is a threat to your organization. Having an action plan can help you maintain operations and communications in the event of an impending devastation.

Five Tips for Weathering Any Disaster

  1. Plan for it: A business continuity plan and a disaster recovery plan can help you keep your doors open even when others have to shut down due to inclement weather. A business continuity plan spells out what, where and how operations can continue. A disaster recovery plan enables your organization to recover from floods, fires and other disasters. Both include data, technology, human resources and other departments.
  2. Communications: Good communications is essential for your employee’s well being during a disaster. A written plan, shared well before disaster strikes, can help employees understand how information about office closures is shared and how they can continue to work from home when roads and buildings are closed. You’ll also need a plan to communicate with members about office closings, event cancellations and other things you may need to communicate during a storm.
  3. Backup your data: Your IT department should be regularly backing up data and storing it off site to ensure it’s safe. Cloud storage helps greatly because cloud servers aren’t located on site. Data should be consistently and constantly backed up so that even if all of your systems go offline during a weather-related event, you can quickly and easily get them back up and working once the emergency period is over. AccuFund Software is easily backed up offsite.
  4. Test emergency backup equipment: If you have generators or other emergency equipment, test it before storm season. Have it maintained and serviced to ensure it runs properly.
  5. Stay informed and trust your instincts: Stay informed about the weather and important local announcements during a storm or other disaster. Have a battery-powered storm radio at work and at home. The internet and cell phone signals may become unreliable during a storm, so radio may be your only option to keep up-to-date on what’s going on in your local community.

Cloud-Based Technology Solutions for Peace of Mind

As mentioned above, one of the easiest ways to store your data off site is to use cloud-based technology. “The cloud” doesn’t refer to the clouds that herald the start of a tropical storm or a hurricane. Instead, it refers to companies who provide storage capacity on servers located away from your building. You don’t own the servers – you rent space on them instead. Companies take great care to secure cloud-based data to make sure that it stays safe in the event of an emergency.

Cloud-based computing offers many benefits in addition to knowing your backup data is safe offsite. During normal operations, cloud computing solutions facilitate information sharing and mobile access. Because the cloud is accessed via the internet, you can see your data from anywhere. It makes it much easier to work from home, work remotely, or even simply share data across your organization. Software such as AccuFund makes it easier to work from wherever you must move your operations.

AccuFund Software is a cloud-based fundraising and constituent management (CRM) software that makes many aspects of nonprofit work easier. It’s a great solution if you need access to fundraising and constituent data from wherever you are. If you have to work from home, AccuFund makes it easy to continue to work productively.

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