Nonprofit Staff Reap Rewards from Cloud Computing

cloud computingChanging from an antiquated system to cloud-based fund accounting can be challenging. Some staff will most likely resist the change. Team members might be concerned that their value as the “go-to answer gal/guy” for navigating through the old system challenges will be lost. Nevertheless, when an organization realizes the numerous benefits of cloud computing, their people may be happy to embrace the cloud when they see how it benefits them at their level.

Finding Data is Easy

“Suzy” keeps her data on a USB drive and is rushing to her car to drive to an important event. She slips the USB drive into her purse side pocket and while digging through to find her keys, the USB drive tumbles to the curb. Suzy doesn’t notice that the USB drive containing her entire presentation—the one she worked for hours on last week—is gone. She can’t retrace her steps because she doesn’t know it’s missing. It’s only when she gets to her next meeting when she realizes the USB drive is missing, at which point it’s too late. Anxiously, she makes calls to her office for help, but she’s still dealing with problems she wouldn’t have had if she had hosted her data on the cloud.

With cloud-based systems, you’ll never worry about losing data again. Upload your data to the cloud in Seattle, take a train to Portland for an important meeting, and access it as easily as if you were in your office at home. All you need is an internet connection, your user name and password, and you can find, access, and retrieve data quickly.

USB drives can be lost. Computers break down. People forget to back up vital data. The cloud does it all for you so you don’t have to worry.

Collaborating is Easy

Some workplaces are moving to flexible work arrangements or environments. It’s not uncommon today to find entire departments outsourced to third parties or to hire a temp, consultant, or freelancer who you’ll never meet in person but who provides outstanding work. These people may be scattered all over the country or the world, but technology connects them in ways never before dreamed. Skype, Trello, Slack, social media and cell phones make it easy to hire the best no matter where they live.

But that leads to some challenges when it comes to sharing data on old systems. On-premises systems do not allow for internet access. You must be physically present to log into the system. New, cloud-based systems enable anyone, anywhere with access permission to log onto the system. Collaborate and share data easily, no matter where you and your team work. Cloud systems make it seem as if you’re all in the room together, working on the same document.

Peace of Mind comes Easier

“Suzy” continues with her tough day. Not only did the USB drive fall out of her purse, but her laptop screen cracked from dropping it and now the computer won’t allow her to access her files.

A broken laptop that won’t allow you to access your data is trouble enough, but compound that with software loaded onto the laptop that you’ve just lost access to and you’ve got heaps of trouble. With cloud systems, it doesn’t matter if you’re using the laptop you’ve always used or if you’re using a loaner while yours gets fixed. The software is located on the cloud, not on your laptop, desktop, or smartphone, so you can access it anywhere, anytime.

It’s peace of mind for your organization software and data.

RBP Methods Helps Right-Brained People Navigate a Left-Brained World

Rather than use the one-size-fits-all approach, we believe that each organization is different. We have developed the expertise in an array of technologies (cloud-based and on-premise) to best suit the needs and missions of the industries we support. We find fund accounting solutions that work the way you work, recognizing the unique challenges that you face. Whether your goals are financial or cause-related, we offer the tools and services needed to carry out your mission. For more information, visit RBP Methods or call us at 503-648-9051.