RBP Methods was formed nearly 20 years ago as a product of my love for the nonprofit industry. From the beginning RBP Methods always believed in providing the best possible nonprofit consulting solution for each organization individually. Over the years we have grown, but our commitment to excellent service remains strong.

  • Our commitment is focused on solutions for you and your industry instead of purely pushing software – many software providers already do that.
  • Our commitment is why we offer more than one solution to meet your needs – only some providers do that.
  • Our commitment is why we will recommend a competing software product or consultant if we don’t have an ideal solution – very few organizations do that.
  • Our commitment is why we develop additional products and services that benefit our customers more than our bottom line – other providers rarely do that.
  • Our commitment is why we have been recognized by major organizations for delivering extraordinary customer service and our customer experience as measured by our customers. Only RBP Methods has done that.

Our formula is simple: We listen to your needs, we care about your mission, and we provide the best nonprofit consulting services possible. Thanks for visiting our website. Feel free to give us a call at 503.648.9051 or fill out our contact page.